Some Therapeutic Diets


Preface to the 5th Edition
Preface to the 1st Edition
Recommended Dietary allowances for a male Sedentary Worker
Full Diet
Half Diet
Khicheri Diet
Milk and Bread Diet
Liquid Diet
Diet for Pregnant Woman
Diet for Nursing Woman
Bland Diet
Diabetic Diet
Low-Calorie Diet
High-Calorie Diet
Low Fat Diet
Gluten Free Diet
Low cholesterol & Reduced saturated Fat Diet
Low Sodium Diet
Low Oxalic Acid Diet
Low Purine, Low Fat Diet
Low Phenylalanine Diets
Low Protein, Low Carbohydrate and Low Sodium Diet
Low Copper Diet

Appendix-Exchange Lists

Vegetable Exchange A
Vegetable Exchange B
Fruit Exchange
Cereal Exchange
Legume and Pulse Exchange

Flesh Food Exchange
Milk Exchange
Fat Exchange
Exchange List for Cooked Foods
Foods Rich in Oxalic Acid
Foods which Contain Low Amounts of Copper
Average Nutritive Value of Foodstuffs per 100 g


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