Sr. No. Title Category Document
41 Declaration for the purpose of Income Tax General application/pdf(74.79 KB)
42 Declaration of Immovable Property etc. owned by Group A & B Employees of all Institutes/Centres & Hqrs. Office General application/pdf(139.96 KB)
43 Details of Family General application/pdf(65.97 KB)
44 Form of Appointment of Beneficiary General application/pdf(49.36 KB)
45 General Provident Fund (Form of Nomination) General application/pdf(88.92 KB)
46 Nomination for death cum Retirement Gratuity General application/pdf(105.04 KB)
47 Form related to House Rent Allowance (HRA) General application/pdf(75.59 KB)
48 Children Education Allowance Claim General application/pdf(43.68 KB)
49 Requisition Slip General application/pdf(40.2 KB)
50 Income Tax Declaration Form for the Financial Year 2018-19 (AY) 2019-20 General application/pdf(76.06 KB)


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