Title Date of Circular Document
Retention of General pool residential accommodation at last place of posting on transfer to Non-family station 14/02/2020 application/pdf(55.59 KB)
Adherence to Government Rules & Regulations - reg 12/02/2020 application/pdf(229.28 KB)
Vacancy Circulars for various posts received from different ministries 11/02/2020 application/pdf(4.28 MB)
Recruitment Rules for Group A, B and C Administrative Cadre 05/02/2020 application/pdf(116 KB)
Instructions for Maintenance of Service Book 31/01/2020 application/pdf(137.6 KB)
Responsibility of holding the charge of HOO/DDO 30/01/2020 application/pdf(58.87 KB)
Vacancy Circulars for various posts received from different ministries 28/01/2020 application/pdf(892.75 KB)
Compliance for HMSC Procedures 24/01/2020 application/pdf(478.21 KB)
Applications for 90 posts of subj Divisional Engineers (SDEs) and 11 posts of Junior Telecom Officers (JTOs) in Department of Telecommunications field units across the country on deputation basis. 22/01/2020 application/pdf(1.59 MB)
ICMR Administrataive Cadre (Group A,B & C) Recruitment Rules, 2017 - regarding 22/01/2020 application/pdf(52.66 KB)
Mandatory installation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar (RTS) in all the Central Government Ministries/Departments including the PSUs, subordinate offices, autonomous bodies, organisations,institutions and field offices under their control by the year 2020 21/01/2020 application/pdf(636.3 KB)
Procure goods & services from MSEs through GeM Portal only to meet 25% of annual procurement target from MSEs including 4% from MSEs owned by SC/ST and 3% MSEs owned by Women-reg. 20/01/2020 application/pdf(126.41 KB)
Communication from National Disaster Management Authority 16/01/2020 application/pdf(148.56 KB)
Declaration Form for the Purpose of Income Tax (2019-2020) 15/01/2020 application/pdf(29.87 KB)
Vacancy circular received from different Ministries 15/01/2020 application/pdf(526 KB)
Accessibility of public documents on Government websites 13/01/2020 application/pdf(101.98 KB)
Instructions to be followed while sending/received letter from Hqrs. Officce to Institutes/Centres of ICMR-reg. 02/01/2020 application/pdf(146.03 KB)
Nominations for National Awards called Nari Shakti Puraskar-reg. 23/12/2019 application/pdf(494.72 KB)
M/s Pragat Akshay Urja Ltd. blacklisted by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy - reg 12/12/2019 application/pdf(179.29 KB)
Foreign visits and leave of Scientists of ICMR - instructions reg. 10/12/2019 application/pdf(145.56 KB)
Office Memorandum: Certificate of transfer of charge 10/12/2019 application/pdf(70.76 KB)
Communication from National Disaster Management Authority 06/12/2019 application/pdf(309.97 KB)
Release of New Political Map of India by M/o Home Affairs after creation of new Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh - reg 21/11/2019 application/pdf(94.74 KB)
Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners - Revised rates effective from 1.7.2019 reg 11/11/2019 application/pdf(136.75 KB)
Re-examination of representations received after once reviewed as per rules and regulations - reg 30/10/2019 application/pdf(53.24 KB)
Grant of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees-Revised rates effective from 01.07.2019-reg. 24/10/2019 application/pdf(92.16 KB)
Procedure to be followed by Ministry/Department of Government of India while laying of the Annual Report/ Audited Accounts Reports and other documents on the Table of the House-regarding 23/10/2019 application/pdf(275.71 KB)
Vigilance Awareness Week (28th October, 2019 to 2nd November, 2019) 21/10/2019 application/pdf(1.04 MB)
Regarding continuation of Project Staff after completion of the project 11/10/2019 application/pdf(299.03 KB)
Procedure for public communication - reg 11/10/2019 application/pdf(1.86 MB)
ICMR Administrative Cadre (Group A, B & C) Recruitment Rules, 2017 - Maintenance of Seniority - Regarding 10/10/2019 application/pdf(206.6 KB)
Nominations for Shri Om Prakash Bhasin Awards 2019 (Last Date: Novemeber 30, 2019) 30/09/2019 application/pdf(2.96 MB)
Annual Health Check-up at Hospitals empaneled under CGHS in respect of CGHS Pensioner beneficiaries (Primary card holders) aged 75 years and above - regarding 19/09/2019 application/pdf(1.35 MB)
Swachhata Hi Seva (SHS) 2019- Plastic Waste Management from 11th September - 2nd October 2019 12/09/2019 application/pdf(1.18 MB)
Designation of Authority in the Department of Health Research for registration of Ethics Committees for Biomedical and Health Research in terms of the sub-rule (1) of rule 17 of the New Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules, 2019 12/09/2019 application/pdf(929.9 KB)
Nominations for the post of Scientist H/Outstanding Scientist for 1. Industry Interface 2. Socio-Economic Interface reg 09/09/2019 application/pdf(2.19 MB)
अपील 30/08/2019 application/pdf(354.98 KB)
Reorganization of Divisions/Cells in ICMR Hqrs 29/08/2019 application/pdf(431.56 KB)
To avoid any collaboration with industry-led foundations like the Foundation for a Smoke Free world and implementation of Article 5.3 of the WHO-FCTC-reg 26/08/2019 application/pdf(770.39 KB)
Nominations for the post of Director for CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMAP), Lucknow - reg 22/08/2019 application/pdf(2.13 MB)
Execution of Capital and Maintenance Work Through CPWD on Deposit Work Basis 20/08/2019 application/pdf(2.61 MB)
Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) registration certificate - clarification reg. 19/08/2019 application/pdf(44.83 KB)
(Holiday listing or temporary debarment- suspension of M/s Diglab, Inc,USA and M/s DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd) , (Hon'ble High Court of Delhi Order W.P.(C) 10740/2019 M/s DSS Imagetech Pvt Ltd Vs. ICMR dt 05/11/2019) 13/08/2019 application/pdf(2.14 MB)
Appointment under Government in an Honorary Capacity- regarding (date: August 9, 2019) 09/08/2019 application/pdf(806.85 KB)
Compliance of order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the matter of Shri Anuj Goyal vs UOI & Ors - reg 07/08/2019 application/pdf(2.39 MB)
Centre for Advanced Research - regarding 05/08/2019 application/pdf(1.56 MB)
Payment of Revenues, Receipts and Dues of Govt. into Govt. Account - regarding 02/08/2019 application/pdf(989.42 KB)
To get rebate on payment of property tax before last date. 01/08/2019 application/pdf(141.81 KB)
Proforma for ICMR Scientist/Technologists for financial assistance from ICMR to attend International Conference/Workshops/Meeting etc 01/08/2019 application/pdf(1.37 MB)
Content Management Committee (CMC) for ICMR Website and Social Media Handles 01/08/2019 application/pdf(69.7 KB)


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