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Guidelines for Submitting the STS Report


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Preparing STS Report


1.      The undergraduate students sanctioned to carry out the Short Term Studentship (STS) project must prepare detailed report in consultation with their guide within 1 month of completion of the project work. For eg. if a student has worked from 1st May-30th June for the studentship s/he must prepare report and submit it by 31st July to the Council for consideration.


2.      The report must be prepared in detail (approx 25-50 pages) and must be in ICMRís format.  There must be an Introduction, Review of literature, Aims & Objectives, Material and Methods, Observations and Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Summary, Suggestions, if any and Bibliography. Results must be presented well in the form of pictures, photographs, graphs, figures, tables etc. Results and discussion should not be combined but prepared separately. Brief reports / reports not in prescribed ICMR format / reports incomplete in any respect, will be automatically rejected.


3.      ONE copy of the report must be prepared for submission. The report should be preferably spiral bound or may be hard bound. However please note that the purpose of binding is to keep the report intact and not to just make better presentation.

4.      Please conserve paper. Send printouts on white paper A4 size (212X297 mm) with margins of 25mm (1inch) from all sides. You may type or print on both sides of the page. Number pages consecutively beginning from the title page. A font size of about 12 should be used in the report and one and half spacing should be used. 

5.      Pl Note: There is no need to make the report bulky and thick by increasing letter font sizes, page margins, line spacing and adding un-necessary/blank pages. Be specific and to the point in your report. It has been noticed that some STS students have used font size of 14 or 16 throughout the report with more than double/triple line spacing just to increase number of pages. You are also advised to conserve resources and to not overspend on binding of your report to make it look like a THICK Ph.D or MD thesis.


Submitting enclosures with the STS Report


1.      The report and enclosures should be prepared as per the STS checklist. The Checklist is available on the website and may be used by the student/ guide to check for completeness and should be submitted along with the report.


2.      The report must be accompanied with the Report Submission Form duly filled in & signed by the student and the Guide.


3.      The report must be accompanied by a Stipend bill (Bill Form) in original and one photocopy for Rs. 5000/- (@ Rs. 2500 p.m.) signed and stamped by the guide. Kindly do not submit actual receipts of expenditure occurred on stationery, photocopying or binding etc.


4.      Along with the report, the certificate from Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) giving clearance to the student to carry out the research work on human subjects must be enclosed.  If the research involves use of animals, a clearance from the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee must be attached along with the report.  In case the IEC/IAEC does not approve the student project OR the IEC/IAEC does not hold a meeting, the same should be intimated to the Council and work should not be carried out without IEC/IAEC approval.


5.      For all research on human subjects/ samples/ data, informed consent should be taken. One copy of format of informed consent form / patient information sheet / translated forms should be submitted along with the report. In case it is felt that informed consent is not required or cannot be obtained, permission for waiver of consent should be obtained from the IEC and copy of the same enclosed alongwith the report.


6.      The report must also include format of any Proforma/ questionnaire/ case record forms/ any other tools/ format of data collection sheet used for research.


7.      Kindly bind/ staple all papers to the STS report (checklist, Proforma, stipend bill, IEC/IAEC clearance, ICF document/ permission for waiver, CRF/ questionnaire, reasons for delay in report submission etc). No loose documents should be submitted along with the report.


General Instructions


1.      It is expected that the work shall be completed in the summer months between May to July and report be submitted by August to the Council. In case work is not completed/ report not submitted by August, justification for the delay should be provided and forwarded by Guide/ Principal of the Medical College . 


2.  The cutoff date for receipt of delayed reports with justification is 31st Oct, 09. No report would be accepted beyond the cutoff date for any reason. Any requests for extension/ reports submitted after the cutoff date shall not be entertained and will be automatically rejected.

3.      All correspondence from the Council will be addressed to the guide with a copy to the student and the Guide must be responsible for the conduct of the research project, and submission of complete report along with the required enclosures within the stipulated time period.


4.      In case there is a change of the Guide, it should be intimated to the Council at the earliest along with reasons through the Principal of Medical College.


5.      Stipend will be paid to the students only when reports are approved after a scientific review. Incomplete / unapproved reports will not be considered for payment of stipend. ICMR reserves the rights to approve/disapprove a report or ask for a revised report.

6.      The students are also encouraged to publish their work. They can submit their research papers to any good journal for consideration. There is no need to seek the permission of ICMR for publishing. However the acknowledgement section should mention that the research was carried out under the STS program of ICMR which supports the research of undergraduate medical students.


7.      All correspondence or submissions made to ICMR should mention STS-2009 on the cover. Kindly quote the sanction no in all your correspondence by post or email.


8.      Individual acknowledgement letters will not be sent for receipt of reports. Certificates will be issued after report is submitted, evaluated and stipend has been released (approx after 6-8 months). Please note that the stipend and certificate will be sent either to the Principalís Office or at the Studentís Address provided in the application form.