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Current Issue
(November Supplement 2014)

Reproductive Health & Strategies for Family Planning

Guest Editor: Dr R.S. Sharma

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Original Articles

Use of traditional contraceptive methods in India & its socio-demographic determinants
Faujdar Ram, Chander Shekhar & Biswabandita Chowdhury  

Environmental & lifestyle factors in deterioration of male reproductive health
Sunil Kumar, Shiva Murarka, V.V. Mishra & A.K. Gautam  

Variations in immunogenetics, human papillomavirus (HPV) infection & predisposition to cervical cancer in Indian women
Priyanka Gokhale, Shilpa Kerkar, Hemant Tongaonkar, Hemangi Chaudhari, Himangi Warke, Vinita Salvi & Jayanti Mania-Pramani

Review Articles

Emergency contraception - Potential for women’s health
Suneeta Mittal  

Intrauterine devices & infection: Review of the literature
David Hubacher 

Advances in male hormonal contraception
Costantino Antonietta, Gava Giulia, Berra Marta & Meriggiola Maria Cristina  

RISUG: An intravasal injectable male contraceptive
N.K. Lohiya, I. Alam, M. Hussain, S.R. Khan & A.S. Ansari 

Development of antifertility vaccine using sperm specific proteins
A.H. Bandivdekar 

Association of western diet & lifestyle with decreased fertility
P. Nazni 

Effect of dietary phytoestrogens on human growth regulation: imprinting in health & disease
K. Griffiths, D.W. Wilson, R.B. Singh & F. De Meester 

Biological control of vaginosis to improve reproductive health
P. Mastromarino, R. Hemalatha, A. Barbonetti, B. Cinque, M.G. Cifone, F. Tammaro & F. Francavilla 

Promise(s) of using mesenchymal stem cells in reproductive disorders
Vijayalakshmi Venkatesan & Soundarya Lakshmi Madhira 

Sourcing human embryos for embryonic stem cell lines: Problems & perspectives
Rajvi H. Mehta 

Regulation of luteinizing hormone receptor expression by an RNA binding protein: Role of ERK signaling
K.M.J. Menon & Bindu Menon

Stress induced premature senescence : a new culprit in ovarian tumorigenesis?
Gorantla Venkata Raghuram & Pradyumna Kumar Mishra 

Delineating the prime mover action of progesterone for endometrial receptivity in primates
D. Ghosh & J. Sengupta 

Priority strategies for India’s family planning programme
Saroj Pachauri

Need for integration of gender equity in family planning services
Suneela Garg & Ritesh Singh

Acceptability of male condom: An Indian scenario
Balaiah Donta, Shahina Begum & D.D. Naik