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ICMR-NIH Regional Workshop on Bioethics in Health Research (Southern Region) July 4-6, 2006

Geneva Forum - Towards Global
Access to Health

Announcement of Indo-US Workshop on Bioethics in Clinical Research

8th International Symposium on Vectors and Vector-borne Diseases at CRME, Madurari (October 7-9, 2006)

ICMR aided Symposia /Seminars / Workshops/ Courses/ Conferences





Tribal Health Bulletin (Jan-Jul 2004), RMRC Jabalpur

Walk-in-interview for the project post of Research Assistant at NIV, Pune Date : July 12, 2006

ICMR-INSERM call for proposals
for Joint collaborative research projects for Joint collaborative research projects 2007 & 2008

International Symposium on Emerging Trends in Genomic and Proteomic Sciences October 15-18 2006, Mumbai

  Walk-in-interview for project posts under project "Bio-Medical Informatics Centres of ICMR"

National Cancer Registry for the year 1999-2000

Medical Development Congress 2006 Date: September 8-9, 2006

Mental Health Research in India

For attention of Directors of ICMR Institutes and Heads of Technical Divisions.

Notice for Annual Rate Contract 2006-07 for NIV, Pune

Centres for ICMR-JRF Examination Exam Date : July 16, 2006

Employment Opportunities in ICMR Institutes

Right to Information Act, 2005

Format for EFC Memorandum for ICMR Institutes 


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