Indian J Med Res 132, November 2010, pp 475-652


        Special Section 
Cardiovascular Disease Research   


Concern about the present status of diabetes & take positive action
Yang Wenying 

New metallo β-lactamase NDM-1
D. Raghunath 

The growing challenge of antimicrobial resistance in the South-East Asia Region - Are we losing the battle?
Rajesh Bhatia & Jai P. Narain


Studies of hepatitis E virus genotypes
Yoon-Jae Song 

Review Article

Botulinum toxin: Bioweapon & magic drug
Ram Kumar Dhaked, Manglesh Kumar Singh, Padma Singh & Pallavi Gupta

Original Articles

Molecular analysis of swine hepatitis E virus from north India
Nargis Begum, Sunil K. Polipalli, Syed A. Husain & Premashis Kar  

Emergence of drug resistant mutations after single dose nevirapine exposure in HIV-1 infected pregnant women in south India
Lakshmi Rajesh, K. Ramesh, Luke Elizabeth Hanna, P.R. Narayanan & Soumya Swaminathan

Spectrum of haemoglobinopathies diagnosed by cation exchange-HPLC & modulating effects of nutritional deficiency anaemias from north India
Seema Rao, Rakhee Kar, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Anita Chopra & Renu Saxena 


Screening for in vitro phototoxic activity of methanol extracts of Croton campestris A., Ocimum gravissimum L. & Cordia verbenaceae DC.
Edinardo F.F. Matias, KarlaK.A. Santos, José Galberto M. Costa & Henrique D.M. Coutinho

Improving the standards of scientific publishing in India
Naresh Kasoju & Utpal Bora 

Publishing in learned journals
S.N. Arseculeratne 

Special Section

Cardiovascular Disease Research

Guest Editors: Dr Dorairaj Prabhakaran & Dr Salim Yusuf


Cardiovascular disease in India: Lessons learnt & challenges ahead
Dorairaj Prabhakaran & Salim Yusuf

Review Articles

Strategies for initial management of hypertension
Rajeev Gupta & Soneil Guptha  

Perspective on coronary interventions & cardiac surgeries in India
Upendra Kaul & Vineet Bhatia  

Congestive heart failure in Indians: How do we improve diagnosis & management?
S. Reddy, A. Bahl & K.K. Talwar 

Coronary heart disease in Indians: Implications of the INTERHEART study
Vamadevan S. Ajay & Dorairaj Prabhakaran 

Genomic approaches to coronary artery disease
Sandosh Padmanabhan, Claire Hastie, Dorairaj Prabhakaran & Anna F. Dominczak 

Genetics of sudden death
Nitish Naik & Rakesh Yadav 

Diabetes & coronary heart disease: Current perspectives
Mohammed K. Ali, K.M. Venkat Narayan & Nikhil Tandon  

Obesity in children & adolescents
Manu Raj & R. Krishna Kumar 

The cardio-protective diet
Sivasankaran S.

Social determinants of cardiovascular disease outcomes in Indians
Panniyammakal Jeemon
& K.S. Reddy 

Clinical judgement & evidence-based medicine: time for reconciliation
Ganesan Karthikeyan & Prem Pais  

Role of biomarkers in risk stratification of acute coronary syndrome
C.M. Nagesh & Ambuj Roy 

Surveillance of cardiovascular disease risk factors in India: The need & scope
Bela Shah & Prashant Mathur 

Epidemiology to public health intervention for preventing cardiovascular diseases: The role of translational research
Anand Krishnan, Kapil Yadav, Manmeet Kaur & Rajesh Kumar

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