Indian J Med Res 130(5), November 2009, pp 491-668




Eradication of vaccine polioviruses: why, when & how? 
T. Jacob John & Vipin M. Vashishtha

Preventing Type 2 diabetes: making the evidence work for migrant Indian populations 
Thomas Yates, Kamlesh Khunti & Melanie Davies

Spatial technology & malaria control 
Kamini Mendis


Genetic effects of air pollutants: insights from human biomonitoring studies 
Riccardo Crebelli & Stefania Caiola

Apoptosis in EBV-associated childhood classical Hodgkin lymphoma 
María Victoria Preciado & Paola Chabay

Review Articles

Newcastle disease virus as an oncolytic agent 
P.V. Ravindra, Ashok K. Tiwari, Bhaskar Sharma & R.S. Chauhan

Ganjam virus 
A.B. Sudeep, R.S. Jadi & A.C. Mishra

Original Articles

Cytogenetic evaluation of traffic policemen occupationally exposed to vehicular exhaust 
V. Sree Devi, V. Durga Rao, V.V. Hara Gopal, B. Siva Prasad, G. Sandhya Devi A. Jyothy, P. P. Reddy & M. Hema Prasad

Low apoptotic index & bak expression in EBV-associated childhood classical Hodgkin lymphoma 
Veronique Dinand, Ajay Malik, Binimaya Mohanty, Bal Chander Laxman S. Arya & Ramesh Dawar

Antibody detection against HPV16 E7 & GP96 fragments as biomarkers in cervical cancer patients 
Azam Bolhassani, Farnaz Zahedifard, Yasaman Taslimi, Mohammad Taghikhani Bijan Nahavandian & Sima Rafati

Modulation of radiation-induced cytotoxicity in U 87 cells by RH-3 (a preparation of Hippophae rhamnoides
P.K. Agrawala & J.S. Adhikari

Association of HLA alleles with hepatitis C infection in Maharashtra, western India 
Anuradha S. Tripathy, U. Shankarkumar, Mandeep S. Chadha, Kanjashkya Ghosh & Vidya A. Arankalle

Efficacy of pirimiphos-methyl (50% EC), as a larvicide for the control of Culex quinquefasciatus 
G. Rajendran, C.M.R. Reddy, M. Kalyanasundaram & P. Jambulingam

Comparison of a novel bilayered medium with the conventional media for cultivation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 
Susmita Bhattacharya, Raja Roy, Neelika Roy Chowdhury, Asish Dasgupta & Sujata G. Dastidar


Dangerous liaisons - diabetes, tuberculosis & tobacco 
Cecily S. Ray & Prakash C. Gupta

Procedures & operations of Institutional Ethics Committees in public sector hospitals in Delhi, India 
Shalini Singh

Health outcomes in Indians in comparison with other countries: India specific summary findings based on World Health Statistics (2008) 
Panniyammakal Jeemon & Manju Stephen


Special Section 

Maternal & Child Nutrition
Guest Editor : Dr Prema Ramachandran


Maternal & child nutrition: new dimensions of the dual nutrition burden 
Prema Ramachandran

Original Articles

Undernutrition & risk of infections in preschool children 
Prema Ramachandran & Hema S. Gopalan

Adolescent girls’ anaemia control programme, Gujarat, India 
P.V. Kotecha, S. Nirupam & P.D. Karkar

A comparative study of south Indian children with Tamil children born in France 
Chantal Malenfant

Review Articles

Maternal nutrition: Effects on health in the next generation 
Caroline Fall

Maternal nutrition & low birth weight - what is really important? 
Sumithra Muthayya

Maternal & child nutrition: the sri Lankan perspective 
Angela de Silva, A.M.A.S.B. Mahamithawa & Chandrani Piyasena

Perinatal energy metabolism with reference to IUGR & sGA: studies in pregnant women & newborn infants 
Barbro Diderholm

Neonatal energy substrate production 
Jan Gustafsson

Impact of infant & young child feeding & caring practices on nutritional status & health 
Siddarth Ramji

Prevalence & consequences of anaemia in pregnancy 
K. Kalaivani

Iron content, bioavailability & factors affecting iron status of Indians 
K. Madhavan Nair & Vasuprada Iyengar

Growth & development of Indian children adopted in sweden 
Lemm A. Proos

Oedematous malnutrition 
Tahmeed Ahmed, Sabuktagin Rahman & Alejandro Cravioto

Modulation of macronutrient metabolism in the offspring by maternal micronutrient deficiency in experimental animals 
M. Raghunath, L. Venu, I.J.N. Padmavathi, Y.D. Kishore, M. Ganeshan K. Anand Kumar, P.B. Sainath & K.R. Rao

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Guidelines for the programmatic management of drug-resistant tuberculosis - Emergency update 2008

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