Indian J Med Res 128(4), October 2008, pp 331-566




Guest Editor: Dr Anuradha Mudipalli


Metals (Micro nutrients or toxicants) & Global Health
Anuradha Mudipalli
Review Articles
Nephrotoxicity of cadmium & lead
H.C. Gonick

Carcinogenicity of hexavalent chromium
A.L. Holmes, S.S. Wise & J.P. Wise, Sr.

Methylmercury neurotoxicity & antioxidant defenses
José Luiz M. do Nascimento, Karen Renata M. Oliveira, Maria Elena Crespo-Lopez
Barbarella M. Macchi, Luís Antônio L. Maués, Maria da Conceição N. Pinheiro
Luiz Carlos L. Silveira & Anderson Manoel Herculano

A comprehensive review of mercury provoked autism
D.A. Geier, P.G. King, L.K. Sykes & M.R. Geier

Nickel, its adverse health effects & oxidative stress
K.K. Das, S.N. Das & S.A. Dhundasi

Cardiovascular effects of lead exposure
N.D. Vaziri & H.C. Gonick

Chronic arsenic toxicity & human health
D.N. Guha Mazumder

Copper & biological health
S. Krupanidhi, Arun Sreekumar & C.B. Sanjeevi

Potential considerations & concerns in the risk characterization for the interaction profiles of metals
H. Choudhury & Anu Mudipalli

Manganese exposure, essentiality & toxicity
A. B. Santamaria

Heavy metal induced oxidative stress & its possible reversal by chelation therapy
S.J.S. Flora, Megha Mittal & Ashish Mehta

The interpretation of trace element analysis in body fluids
T.L. Guidotti, J. McNamara & M.S. Moses

Iron transport & homeostasis mechanisms: Their role in health & disease
S.S. Nadadur, K. Srirama & Anuradha Mudipalli

Molecular toxicity of aluminium in relation to neurodegeneration 
Bharathi, P. Vasudevaraju, M. Govindaraju, A.P. Palanisamy K. Sambamurti & K.S.J. Rao

Cadmium & its adverse effects on human health 
A. Bernard
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