Indian J Med Res 125(3), March 2007 :  195-490


Guest Editors: Dr V. Mohan & Dr M. Balasubramanyam

Diabetes in 2007 - What are the promises & challenges?
M. Balasubramanyam & V. Mohan

Diabetes Research: Are we doing enough?
K. Satyanarayana

Original Article
Health related quality of life in patients with type I diabetes mellitus: generic & disease-specific measurement
Huberta E. Hart, William K. Redekop, Henk J.G. Bilo Betty Meyboom-de Jong & Marc Berg
Review Articles
Epidemiology of type 2 diabetes: Indian scenario
V. Mohan, S. Sandeep, R. Deepa, B. Shah & C. Varghese

Childhood diabetes mellitus: Recent advances & future prospects
Prapai Dejkhamron, Ram K. Menon & Mark A. Sperling

Ethnicity, type 2 diabetes & migrant Asian Indians
Nicola Abate & Manisha Chandalia

Genetic predisposition of type 2 diabetes among Asian Indians
V. Radha & V. Mohan

New frontiers in the management of type 2 diabetes
Sunder Mudaliar

Diabetic retinopathy : An Indian perspective 
M. Rema & R. Pradeepa

Psychiatric co-morbidity & diabetes 
G.R. Sridhar

Biomarkers of susceptibility to type 1 diabetes with special reference to the Indian population 
Narinder K. Mehra, Neeraj Kumar, Gurvinder Kaur, Uma Kanga & Nikhil Tandon

The metabolic syndrome in South Asians: Continuing escalation & possible solutions
Anoop Misra, Ranjita Misra, Mahen Wijesuriya & Dipanjan Banerjee

Antioxidants: Do they have a role in the treatment of insulin resistance ?
Joseph L. Evans

GLUT4ís itinerary in health & disease 
Alicia M. McCarthy & Jeffrey S. Elmendorf

The role of AMP kinase in diabetes
Parimal Misra & Ranjan Chakrabarti

Skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction & diabetes 
Raghavakaimal Sreekumar & K. Sreekumaran Nair

Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress & diabetes
S. Sundar Rajan, V. Srinivasan, M. Balasubramanyam & U. Tatu

Isolated islets in diabetes research
R. Bhonde, R.C. Shukla, M. Kanitkar, R. Shukla M. Banerjee & S. Datar

Telomere shortening & metabolic/vascular diseases
M. Balasubramanyam, A. Adaikalakoteswari, S. Finny Monickaraj & V. Mohan

Animal models in type 2 diabetes research: An overview
K. Srinivasan & P. Ramarao

Economic analysis of diabetes care
Anil Kapur

Diabetes Research in India - A citation profile 
A. Ratnakar & K. Satyanarayana

Classics in Diabetes Research

Observations on the sugar of the blood and the urine in varying conditions of health in the Bengali.Section III: Experimental and clinical evidence of the significance of an indefinite Fehling reaction as an index of the pre-glycosuric stage of diabetes
D. McCay, Satish Chandra Banerjee, Lal Mohan Ghosal, Madan Mohan Dutta & Charubrata Ray
(The Indian Journal of Medical Research April 1919; 6 : 508-49)

The internal secretion of the pancreas
F.G. Banting & C.H. Bes
(The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine February 1922; 7 : 251-66)

Pancreatic extracts in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Preliminary report
F.G. Banting, C.H. Best, J.B. Collip, W.R. Campbell & A.A. Fletcher 
(The Canadian Medical Association Journal March 1922; 12 : 141-6)

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