Indian J Med Res 126(4), October 2007 : 239-408





This theme issue on “Poverty & Human Development” is part of a global theme initiative by the Council of Science Editors, USA , with 237 participating journals from 37 countries across the globe being brought out in October 2007

Original Article

The social determinants of childhood mortality in Sri Lanka: time-trends & comparisons across South Asia
Tanja A.J. Houweling, Saroj Jayasinghe & Tarani Chandola

Review Articles

Poverty nutrition linkages 
Prema Ramachandran

The negative effects of poverty & food insecurity on child development 
Mariana Chilton, Michelle Chyatte & Jennifer Breaux

Poverty, social stress & mental health 
A. Kuruvilla & K.S. Jacob

Social evils, poverty & health 
Rajeev Gupta & Praneet Kumar

Tobacco, education & health 
P.C. Gupta & Cecily S. Ray

Tobacco use & social status in Kerala 
K. R. Thankappan & C. U. Thresia

Poverty & health: Criticality of public financing 
Ravi Duggal

Racial discrimination & health: Pathways & evidence 
Ameena T. Ahmed, Selina A. Mohammed & David R. Williams

Gender equity & human development 
Swarna S. Vepa

Battered bodies & shattered minds: Violence against women in Bangladesh 
Tania Wahed & Abbas Bhuiya

Social exclusion, caste & health: A review based on the social determinants framework
K.R. Nayar

Poverty alleviation programmes in India: A social audit 
C.A.K. Yesudian 

Widening economic & social disparities: Implications for India
N.J. Kurian 

Rural poverty reduction through centrally sponsored schemes
N.C. Saxena 

Poverty, health & intellectual property rights with special reference to India
K. Satyanarayana & S. Srivastava 

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