MUMBAI - 400012

(Established in 1986)



Phone: 022 -24192002
Fax: 022 -24139412
Email : dirirr@vsnl.com
Website :  http://www.nirrh.res.in
Scope of Activities:

Situated at Mumbai in Maharashtra, the Genetic Research Center (GRC) is the ICMR’s only center which offers clinical service to individuals with genetic disorders. Diagnosis is based on a unique combination of clinical and laboratory (cytogenetic, biochemical, molecular) methods. Research is aimed at unraveling the molecular basis behind these disorders and to minimize the occurrence of these disorders in the community.

Thrust Areas:

The following are the thrust areas of GRC

  • Service component- Attending to individuals with genetic disorders, classifying them clinically in syndromes, diagnose them using state-of-the-art laboratory methods, genetic counseling, out-patient based treatment and follow-up and prenatal diagnosis in at-risk pregnancies.
  • Areas of research include- Chromosomal disorders and single gene diseases particularly inborn errors of metabolism, genodermatoses and skeletal dysplasias.
  • Creating a database of ‘Disease-ome’ in India for the various genetic diseases. This may help in rapid screening, diagnosis and prevention.
Human Resource Development :

  • The center organizes workshops on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and participants are trained in techniques like karyotyping, FISH, embryo collection, biopsy and FISH on blastomere and single cell PCR on blastomere for detecting single gene disorders.
  • Summer training and winter training on molecular and cytogenetic – technique based projects for M.Sc. students.
Major Achievements:

Significant achievements of GRC are the following -
  • Techniques like TFISH, MFISH, sperm FISH and use of whole chromosome paints to identify chromosomal rearrangements as a cause of recurrent spontaneous abortions.
  • Screening for 22q micro-deletion to ascertain its role in congenital heart diseases and to offer this test for prenatal diagnosis.
  • ELISA for HbA2 for detection of beta thalassaemia in rural areas.
  • Unraveling the molecular basis of disorders of sexual differentiation.
  • Immunocytochemical test for Fragile X syndrome.

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