Date of Joining Present Post: 01-09-2013

Address (Off):

BHUBANESWAR - 751023 .
Telephone (off): 2301416
Email :,
Educational Qualifications:

M.Sc.(Zoology), Ph.D.


Research Experience:
27 years of research experience in field of vector biology, control, Parasitology, molecular entomology and genetics of vector competence,Working on surveillance and epidemiology; ecology, biology, bionomics and control of mosquito vectors including integrated vector control; field evaluation of various insecticides, Development of filarial and malarial parasites in vectors. Studies on J.E. Vectors.Large scale production of filarial infective larvae in laboratory through membrane feeding techniques.Host-parasite-vector relationship, maintaining mosquito colonies and developmental stages of human filarial and malarial parasites in laboratory.Immunological and biochemical studies, invertebrate tissue culture and insect immunology.Virological isolation of CHIKV and Dengue from vector.Developed a new multiplex PCR for simultaneous identification of malaria vector and their vectorial attributes which is now in translational mode.Detection of Dengue type II and Type III mosquito during dengue outbreaks in Odisha.In Odisha Chikungunya caused by viral strains of (IOL) genotype, evolved from ECSA genotype with E1-A226V mutation, which in turn Ae. albopictus as main arboviral vector.Further analyses revealed that CHIKV in India grouped specifically into Indian subcontinent lineage having certain genetic variations. ECSA (IOL) genotype was observed from the E2 gene.All the CHIKV isolates (mosquito and serum) were closely had second step adaptive mutations E2- I 211E and L 210 Q, increasing the vectorial capacity of Ae. albopictusfor CHIKV transmission.
Membership/Fellowship of Professional Societies/Associations :
  • Life time member of National Academy of Vector Borne Diseases.
  • Life member of Indian association of Parasitology
Workshops/Conferences/Symposiums :

1.Attended Brain storming meeting on Malaria in Orissa, on 12th and 13th November 2007
2.Workshop on formation of Model District Action plan 2008-09 for control of vector Borne Diseases on 6th and 7th December 07
3.Attended IX International Symposium on Vector and Vector Borne Diseases from 15th to 17th February 2008 and presented paper entitled Polymerase Chain reaction diagnosis of malaria vectors, malaria epidemiology and re-emergence of Anopheles minimus and An. philipinensis in Boudh district of Orissa.
4.Attended EMBO Global Exchange Lecture Course on Molecular and Evolutionary Genetics of Malaria 21 November 04 December, 2010.
5.Attended XI International Symposium on Vector and Vector Borne Diseases from 15th to 17th October2011 and presented paper entitled Emergence of arboviral diseases in Odisha
6.Attended and presented a paper entitled Molecular Studies of Vector Borne Diseases in Orissa with Special Reference to Anophelines and Aedes Mosquito Species in National Conference on Recent Advances in Biotechnology (NCRB 2011) Department of Biotechnology, M.I.T.S. Rayagada

Reviewer of more than ten international Journals.

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