Date of Joining Present Post: 01-09-2014

Address (Off):

CHENNAI - 600031 .
Telephone (off): 044- 28369657
Fax : 044-8362528
Email : akhemanth20@gmail.com
Educational Qualifications:

M.Sc.(Botany), D.M.T., B.L., Ph.D.(Biomedical Sciences)


Research Experience:
27 Years; Biochemistry & Clinical Pharmacology

Research focus:

  • 1. Pharmacokinetics studies of anti-TB and antiretroviral drugs
  • 2. Method development for anti-TB and anti-retroviral drugs by HPLC and LCMS
Membership/Fellowship of Professional Societies/Associations :
Member – Indian Institute of Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry, Chennai
Workshops/Conferences/Symposiums :

  1. Training on “Developing HPLC Separations” conducted by Waters (India) Private Limited, at Bangalore during September 1998.
  2. Workshop on “Research Methodology and Biostatistics” organized by the Department of Epidemiology. The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai, during November 1998.
  3. ICMR-WHO Workshop on “Use of Information Technology in Biomedical Research” organized by Tuberculosis Research Centre, at Chennai, during August 2001.
  4. International Symposium on “Current developments in drug discovery for tuberculosis” organized by Astra Zeneca Research Foundation, India, held at Bangalore, during January 2002.
  5. Indo-French symposium on “Tuberculosis and AIDS”, organized by ICMR, New Delhi, the Pasteur Institute, Paris and the University of Paris, during March 2002.
  6. 57th National Conference on Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases, held at Goa, during September, 2002.
  7. Paper presented in the 23rd Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists, held at Pondicherry, India, during October, 2002.
  8. Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology, sponsored by WHO and ICMR, held at Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital at Mumbai during November–December, 2004.
  9. Participated in a TRC/ICER/UAB workshop on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) held at Chennai during November 2005
  10. Hands on training in WinNonlin Software version 5.0.1, conducted by Pharsight Corporation during 11-12 April, 2006 at North Carolina, USA.
  11. Seminar on “Automation in the analytical development department“ conducted by Waters (India) Pvt. Ltd., at Chennai during September 14, 2006
  12. Workshop on “Statistics in Clinical Research” organized by National Institute of Pharmaceutical and Educational Research (NIPER), at Mohali, Punjab during October 27-29, 2006
  13. Paper presented in the 61st National Conference on Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases, held at Udaipur, during February 23-25, 2007
  14. Participated in the “Indo-Australian Conference on Human Variations and Pharmacogenomics” held at Manipal University, Manipal, during March 17-19, 2007
  15. Seminar on “Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications” conducted by WATERS India Pvt. Ltd. at Chennai on May 04, 2007
  16. Training on “Principles of LCMS, LCMS Solutions” conducted by Shimadzu analytical (India) Pvt. Ltd., at Mumbai, during June 13-14, 2007
  17. Participated in the “Scientific writing workshop” conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, under the ICER Program, at Chennai, during August 21-24, 2007
  18. Presented paper in the 64th National Conference on Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases held at Kolkata, India during Dec.2009
  19. Participated in 2nd National Conference on “Frontiers in MS Technology and Emerging Applications” held at Chennai on November 19th, 2012 organised by Indian Institute of Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry.

  • 1. Awarded fellowship under an International program (International Centre for Excellence in Research) to undergo training focused on estimation of antiretroviral drugs, protease inhibitors, in particular, in biological fluids, at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (Mentor: Dr. Edward Acosta), and hands on training in the WinNonlin Software, version 5.1 at Pharsight Corporation, North Carolina, USA. during the period February 6th – April 26th, 2006.
  • 2. Awarded fellowship under an international program (FOGARTY – AITRP) to undergo training on method development by LCMS for the estimation of anti-TB drugs in biological fluids, at the Department of Pharmacology, Tuft’s University at Boston, USA (Mentor: Dr. Michael Court) during the period August 12th, 2011 – October 31st, 2011.

Project guide for MD (Pharmacology), M.Sc (Biochemistry) and B. Tech (Biotechnology) students 

Provide hands on training to staff from other institutes like YRG Care, Apollo Hospitals, M.V. Diabetes Centre on HPLC instrumentation

Special Assignments:

  1. Chairman, Legal Cell, NIRT
  2. Member Secretary, Grievance Committee, NIRT
  3. Member, Engagement of Apprentices, NIRT
  4. Member, Purchase Committee, N.I.R.T.,
  5. Member, Anti-woman Harassment Committee, N.I.R.T.,
Foreign Visits:
    FROM 22-12-2016 TO 25-02-2016

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