Date of Joining Present Post: 01-09-2012

Address (Off):

JODHPUR - 342005 .
Telephone (off): 0291-726223, 0291-2729738
Fax : 0291-726224
Email : murlimathur@dmrcjodhpur.org,murlimathur@gmail.com
Educational Qualifications:

  • MBBS. in 1978 from Dr. S.N. Medical College,Jodhpur.
  • MD(P.S.M). in 1983 from Dr. S.N. Medical College,Jodhpur.


Research Experience:
  • Opium Addiction: Adult males, in western Rajasthan, traditionally consume crude opium with cultural acceptance; as a result 7.3% of them have become addict to it. These addicts used to be de-addicted using abrupt withdrawal technique in local hospitals and camps. I developed and studied gradual withdrawal method of de-addiction of opium addicts and found it more acceptable and withdrawal syndrome was less severe.
  • Silicosis: There are about 15000 sandstone quarries in Jodhpur district in which 50,000 workers are engaged. Through an epidemiological study of these workers it was found that 9.9 of them suffered from occupational silicosis and chest radiographs of 15% of them showed signs of tuberculosis. Their lung function tests revealed very low values of Forced vital capacity, peak expiratory flow rate, FEV1 and FER. I am principal investigator of a WHO sponsored project about feasibility of measures of prevention of silicosis in sandstone quarries of western Rajasthan. Dry mechanical drilling of rocks was the most important source of air born dust in these quarries. Through this study for the first time wet drilling was tried demonstrated and suggested in sandstone quarries and was found feasible. An indigenous DMRC Dust Extractor was designed, fabricated and used in these quarries and was found useful measure of prevention of silicosis.
  • Tuberculosis: A simple, easy, inexpensive, rapid and reliable blood test for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis was tried. It was found very sensitive as well as specific test that can easily be carried out at peripheral health centers. It does not need sophisticated equipment or highly skilled technical person.
Workshops/Conferences/Symposiums :

  • Participated in Workshop in Epidemiology Update at International Health Programs, Santacruz, California, USA from May 19, 1997 to June 13, 1997.
  • Following four Courses in Graduate Summer Program in Epidemiology at John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA from June 16, 1997 to July 4, 1997 :-
    • Epidemiology of Emerging Infections
    • Methods in Epidemiology
    • Outcomes and Effectiveness Research
    • Use of Micro-computers in Epidemiology
  • Following five courses in Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology at The School of Public Health, The University of Michigan, USA from July 7, 1997 to July 25, 1997 :-
    • Introduction to Basic Concepts in Clinical Epidemiology
    • Clinical Trials : Design and Conduct
    • Analysis of Clinical Trials
    • Exposure Assessment for Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology.
    • Environmental Epidemiology and Risk Assessment
  • Completed Post doctoral Fellowship in Epidemiology of Tuberculosis at University of California San Diego Medical Center, CA, USA from July 28, 1997 to January 23, 1998.

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