An Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) initiative for promoting “Indigenous
diagnostic technologies for diagnosis of TB and MDR/XDR–TB”


In a Joint venture of Department of Bio-technology (DBT), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH & FW), ICMR has taken a lead for promoting “Indigenous diagnostic technologies for diagnosis of TB and MDR/XDR–TB” developed by Indian scientists/companies.

There is a need for better kits for the detection of TB-MDR/XDR TB under the programme. There are various indigenous technologies developed by Indian scientists for detection of MDR/XDR TB and these technologies are in advanced stages of development and need support and partnerships from Government and industry to enable commercialization. It is important to identify the best technologies based on defined parameters and then pick them up for commercialization without losing time.  The objective of this initiative is to learn the status of the Indian indigenous technologies developed by the Indian researchers and discuss the way forward so that these can be made available/commercialized for larger use.

Under this Joint initiative, an ‘Expert Group’ has been constituted under Chairmanship of Sec. DHR & DG, ICMR which evaluates the potential TB diagnostic kit and till now a total of six meetings have been held and two diagnostic tests have been shortlisted for validation. The aim of these meetings is to connect the companies to the Government as public private partners between the Government, academic institutions and industry.  The important parameters for evaluating the TB diagnostic kits are given in table1.

It is the time to push best Indian technologies forward and Government is committed to provide financial support for the validation of these technologies in a collaborative manner. MOH&FW will extend full support to take these technologies forward if they are ready, cost effective and are found to be suitable for use in the programme as per the recommendations of the Committee. The funds for external validation would be provided by DBT/ICMR/DHR and the external validation would be carried out in a multicentric manner.

The scientists, companies and the researchers working in this area are encouraged to send the details of their diagnostic kit(s) in the given format ( Annexure I ) to ICMR at the following address, if interested. The researchers and companies can work on developing cheap, point of care test, molecular technologies for use in programme in PHC’s, CHC level, in district microscopy centers under RNTCP. The technology picking up maximum number of mutations and providing result in one day and are cost effective would be preferred.

Contact Address:

1.  Dr. Rashmi Arora, Head, Division of ECD,
Indian Council of Medical Research,

V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, Ansari Nagar,

New Delhi-110029

Phone number
: 011-26588296; Fax: 26588896  E-mail:;

 Dr. Manjula Singh
Sci ‘D’/ Assistant Director General,  Division of ECD
V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, Ansari Nagar
Phone number: 011-26589505


Dr. Bindu Dey,

Adviser and Nodal Officer Tuberculosis Programme
Medical Biotechnology Division,
Department of Biotechnology,
CGO complex, New Delhi-110003
Phone number: 011-24369611


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