Guidelines for Empanelment
of Adjunct Professors/Scientists
of Universities/Colleges/ Institutes



1.      Preamble

It is well realized that there is lot of creative talent and intellectual resources available within the country that are not formally connected to the higher education/research system. It is imperative that the expertise and experience of such individuals, who are outside the main stream academic system/research, flows into our universities/institutes. This would enhance, strengthen and improve the quality of teaching, training and research. The current massive expansion phase in higher education/research mandating huge programmatic diversity, also required that faculty resources be augmented by utilizing the services of superannuated academics, reputed scientists including skilled professionals, both serving and retired. It is also essential that such faculty is hired with the same degree of rigour as adopted for full-time faculty so that right type of candidates is identified for such assignments.


2.      Objectives:

2.1   To develop a useful and viable collaboration between universities/colleges/ institutes enhancing quality of skill development by involvement of academicians, scholars, practitioners, and skilled professionals in teaching, training, research and related services on regular basis in ICMR and its institutes only.

2.2   To attract distinguished individuals who have excelled in their field of specialization in Biomedical Sciences (priority areas of ICMR) to enrich the overall quality and significantly the ICMR’s research by bringing external perspectives on regular basis. Such interactions are expected to foster trans-disciplinary approach and synergize the outside ‘real world’ experience with the inside intellectual pursuits in the ICMR institutes.

2.3   To promote the interaction of skilled professionals with the ICMR Scientists and facilitate imparting of industry relevant standards in skills, acceptable nationally, which could fulfill the need for skilled workforce and also to undertake R&D in the areas related to skill development, entrepreneurship and employability in ICMR.


3.      Target Groups:

Medical Professionals, Scientists, Doctors and Researchers in service or retired from national and international agencies / Universities/Institutes.  


4.      Engagement Modalities:

a)      For Collaborative Research at ICMR institutes.


It is expected that the adjunct faculty in the above streams would be an accomplished scholar in his/her area of specialization and his/her association would add value to the scientific programmes, he/she is associated with.


4.1   Selection Criteria:

A Professor/ Scientist who wants to be Adjunct Professor/Scientist has to submit an application specifying their request for placement in a particular Institute of ICMR and his/her role. An acceptance letter is required from both the organizations i.e. from where the Adjunct Faculty is working and the place where he would like to give his/her services. After receiving the application on recommendation of Head (HRD), the Director-General, ICMR will grant the status of Adjunct Faculty. The request could come from the Head of the ICMR institute also.


5.      Travel and Honorarium:

5.1   Adjunct faculty will be provided travel cost, as per entitlement(within India), from his/her institution/place of stay and back, maximum six  times per financial year. No reimbursement for hiring accommodation will be permissible. However, she/he will be provided free lodging and boarding in the Guest House if available.

5.2  He/ She will be provided an Honorarium of Rs.2000/- (Rs. Two Thousands only) per day of service subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. forty thousand only) per month. The Adjunct Faculty will work at the host institution for a minimum of five days working per visit. The maximum days for Adjunct Faculty will be 100 days per financial year.


6.      Monitoring:

      At the end of assignment, every Adjunct Faculty will submit a ‘work report’ to the host ICMR institute with a copy to Division of HRD, ICMR. However, if the Adjunct Faculty plans to visit at the same institute, several times, he/she can submit the report every year. His/her report will be evaluated internally by the Division of HRD and finally by DG, ICMR. The work accomplished report may be considered for his/her continuation/renewal of next tenure.


7.      Number of Adjunct Faculty: 50 per year.



8. The application completed in all respects together with enclosures may be addressed to:

The Director General, 
Attention: Dr.N.C.Jain, 
Scientist-G & Head, 
Division of Human Resource Planning & Development (HRD),
Indian Council of Medical Research, 
V.Ramalingaswami Bhawan, 
Ansari Nagar, 
New Delhi-110 029.