Guidelines for processing Transational Research Projects submitted by the ICMR Institutes


  1. Adhoc or Task Force projects for a total duration of 2-3 years may be submitted in the prescribed ICMR format.

  2. The following categories of staff position are admissible for such projects. The number/category projected must be accompanied with a detailed justification therefor.

    a)      Consultant: A Consultant may be asked for where the project involves the establishment of cells in a region/nearby area; the PI needs help/advice in issues such as planning and follow up of patients; commercialization of technology etc; liaison with the concerned agencies and State Health Departments for implementation etc.

    b)      Senior Research Fellow

    c)      Junior Research Fellow

    d)      Project (Research) Assistant/Technical Assistant

    e)      Lab Technician/Lab Assistant/Lab Attendant

    f)        Field Worker/Field Attendant

    g)      Data Entry Operator (A)

    NOTE: While the emoluments in respect of the Consultant will be decided on a case to case basis, the emoluments (consolidated) in respect of the other categories mentioned above will be as notified by the Admn. II section of ICMR Headquarters from time to time.

  3. Each project proposal requires the prior approval of the Director General through the Translational Research Cell at the ICMR Hqrs. 

  4. he project proposal will be reviewed by a CORE committee formed by the Secretary DHR & DG, ICMR to technically evaluate the project. The meeting of this CORE committee would be organized by the concerned division at ICMR Hqrs. and 1 or 2 subject experts would also be included as members and the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project would be invited for presentation of the project. Once the project is approved by this committee, then the approval of the Secretary DHR & DG, ICMR would be obtained and communicated to PI. The project will then be submitted by the investigator to the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the concerned Institute/Centre for his approval.

  5. The project proposal shall thereafter be submitted to the concerned Division in the ICMR Hqrs., for i) registration in IRIS, ii) obtaining financial concurrence, and iii) approval/sanction of the budget.

    NOTE: Such proposals are not required to be submitted to the Project Review Committees (PRC) set up for considering other extra mural project proposals.

  6. The expenditure towards staff of such projects will be met from the Extra Mural Budget allocation of the Division concerned for the relevant financial year. The other recurring/non-recurring expenditure (chemicals/consumables/equipment/travel etc.) will be met from the budget of the Institute/Centre concerned and booked under the Head Other Charges/Equipment. Additional funds, if required, will be provided on receipt of a well justified request.

  7. Annual monitoring of such projects will be done through the SAC of the Institute/Centre concerned. Progress will be reported to the Translational Research Cell on a six monthly basis through the Division concerned.

  8. Final report of the project will also be placed before the SAC of the Institute/Centre concerned and submitted to the Translational Research Cell in the ICMR Hqrs.


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