arrow  Longitudinal Study on Growth of Indian
    Children During Adolescence [10 - 16 Years]

any comparison regarding the age at onset of menarche from other studies when less than 50 per cent of the girls at 3 of the 7 study areas had attained menarche during the study period. However, age at onset of menarche ranging from 11.5 years to 14.0 in Indian girls at different periods areas and socio-economic backgrounds have been reported 5, 6, 15-18 .

Skeletal maturity assessment was done in three centres (Delhi, Jabalpur and Vellore) by Tanner Whitehouse TW-2 method. As far as Vellore children are considered, the boys lag behind by one year in carpal bone maturity at each of the chronological ages considered, whereas this was limited to 6 months in RUS bone maturity. On the contrary, girls are one year ahead in their RUS bone maturity compared to their chronological ages till the age of 12.5 years, after which they level off. However, they lag 6-months behind in their carpal bone maturity till the age of 12 and reached total maturity by the age of 13 years. The 20- bone maturity shows intermediate values between RUS and Carpal bones. The trend of skeletal maturity are the same for both Delhi and Jabalpur boys and girls except that they lag behind by 6 to 12 months at several chronological ages.

In this study the physical growth and sexual characteristics of. children upto the age of 16 years has been obtained. A cross-sectional study of children in the age group 14 to 2 0 years from the same areas to obtain complete data on growth is recommended.

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