arrow  Longitudinal Study on Growth of Indian
    Children During Adolescence [10 - 16 Years]

for training in assessment of sexual maturity and at AIIMS, Delhi for rating of skeletal maturity component of the study, which was carried out by CMC, Vellore; AIIMS, New Delhi and Medical college, Jabalpur only. After the training each centre sent 0 radiographs to ICMR, New Delhi to establish agreement in the assessment of skeletal maturity by the three centres. These 30 radiographs were circulated to the three centres for blindfolded rating and returning to the Council for assessing between centres agreement. This was ascertained by plotting the rating done by each centre against others and calculating Rank correlation co-efficient.

Data collection:

Data was collected by the project research staff of the participating centred on pre-coded proformae prepared at the council. Detailed instruction manual for recording information including units of measurements were also prepared at the Council and discussed and finalized at the project investigators meeting.

Overall coordination and data management:

The study was coordinated from the ICMR Hqrs. Office. The data pertaining to the physical growth, sexual maturity and psychological development was sent to the Council. The data was computerized and screened for validity and consistency. Rectification from participating centres were sought for missing and inconsistent data periodically. The study was completed in July, 1991. The skeletal maturity component of the study carried out at only Jabalpur, Delhi and Vellore centres was coordinated by CMC, Vellore. Data on skeletal maturity was sent directly to CMC, Vellore.

Statistical Analysis

statistical analysis for physical growth and sexual maturity was carried out at ICMR Hqrs. Analysis of variance applied to study between centres variation in physical growth indicated significant differences. Therefore all analysis has been presented centrewise. Mean values and standard deviations for all the anthropometric parameters were calculated in six monthly age groups. SPSS program was used to calculate percentiles centrewise ,3rd., lOth., 50th., 90th. and 97th. percentiles for weight and height for boys and girls are presented. Physical growth during adolescence in relation to earlier nutritional status (5-7 years of age) was studied by comparing the growth in different nutritional groups.

The children were categorized in 4 groups based on weight for age from NCHS standards as follows4:

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