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Subjective Well-being Inventory

People are different. They live in a variety of situations and they do not feel the same way about life and the world around them. From a practical viewpoint, it is important to know how different persons feel with regard to their day-to-day concerns like their health or family. Such knowledge is necessary if an improvement in the quality of life of people is to be brought about.

This is a questionnaire on how you feel about some aspects of your life. Each question may be answered by anyone of the given categories by putting a circle 0 around the number which seems to represent your feeling best. For example, in the first question, if you feel that your life is very interesting, please put a circle around the response 'Very much' (1). At times you may find that your feeling is not represented perfectly by any of the given response categories. In such cases, just choose the one closest to what you think.

All information given by you will be treated as confidential and will be used only for research purposes.



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