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Salient Features

The three centers varied in the age distribution of women. Bangalore and Delhi Centres had a larger number of young women (20-29 years) while the Lucknow Centre had more women who were older (> 30 years).

Illiteracy was more in Lucknow women while literacy was more in Delhi. Majority of the women were housewives. In Bangalore the family size was less 5) as compared to two other centres. In Delhi the number of families having two or three children was more, while in both Bangalore and Delhi centres the experimental group had more children compared to the control group. These variations in socio-demographic and family characteristics are important in explaining the variations in results among the three centres.

The observation that there were no changes in factors of subjective well being in the control area at 6 monthly and one yearly follow-ups as opposed to the experimental area where a number of changes were observed, indicates that intervention does Indeed have an influence on well being.

In the areas where intervention was done, the measures 'positive affect' and 'transcendence' did not show any change, indicating that possibly these dimensions of well being change more slowly or that the particular intervention performed was not adequate enough and did not address these areas. Area related to expectations regarding achievements of a material nature take time to improve and the fact that this dimension improved in the experimental area alone indicates that indeed this factor can be changed by intervention. However, whether the congruence improved because more achievement was made or whether expectations of the women became more realistic is an issue which cannot be resolved. Family intervention has a definite effect on coping styles which enhances the importance of involving all family members even when the index person is either the woman or a child. The improvement in coping is in concordance with improvement in family group support, the latter being one of the most important facets in the current intervention. Bangalore centre did not however show any improvement in this factor which can be explained by

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