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    The factors that did not change proved to be very sensitive and difficult to change. Adverse neighbourhood envirollment remained unchanged either due to the adverse factors around the house or strained relationships with the neighbours over property matters. Nothing drastic could be done to bring about immediate changes in this area.

    Another area, i.e., severe marital discord, was too sensitive a issue to be discussed freely. The discord was usually associated with other factors like an alcoholic, non supportive spouse, problems in the mother herself, property issues and so on. To bring about changes in certain characteristics of the mother, there was a need for further training and also help by the professionals. And sometimes, it required the co-operation of the whole family.
  1. Shortcomings of the Intervention

    The training for the workers before starting the intervention should be intensive and the interventions can be more specific. The workers should be sensitized to and taught various coping skills and problem solving skills, which in turn they can teach the mothers. They should be prepared in such a way that they can adopt the right intervention in specific cases.

  2. Anganwadi Workers' views on the Intervention

    The Anganwadi workers do have an orientation for carrying out psychosocial intervention. The views expressed by them regarding this intervention was that, it is quite helpful though they require a more thorough training and guidance from the professionals. A printed manual was a felt need among them, so that they could at any time go back to referring it in times of doubt. Mote supervision and frequent field visits by the trainees was requested in order to impart more confidence.

  3. Research workers' perception about usefulness of intervention

    During the whole programme, there was one important thing which was noticed and it was that the mothers generally felt relieved to a certain extent by talking to the workers about their problems. This kind of ventilation of their emotions made them feel better. By this, their need to give vent to their feelings was satisfied. Specific interventions into their problems are sure to help them in the long run by helping them to cope better with them. This definitely increases their well being. The interventions being simple can easily be followed and it does not affect the

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