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Since the questionnaires used in all the three phases were the same, the Anganwadi workers were given training at the beginning of the intervention phase.

Pre-intervention phase

The first step in the pre-intervention phase was selecting the target families. The following considerations (inclusion criteria) were taken into account while selecting these families.

1. Presence of one child between the ages of 3-6 years who was an Anganwadi beneficiary.
2. Presence of at least two risk factors on HRC in the family.
3. Presence of somebody who could give authentic information regarding the child and the family.

A total of 100 families each in the rural area Ladoo Sarai and urban slums were administered home risk cards and 75 out of each were selected. It was seen that their houses should be near the Anganwadi centres. The Anganwadi workers were trained to administer the Home Risk Card during
the reliability exercises carried out for the Hindi version. So just a brief explanation to administer the home risk card was given before the pre intervention phase.

To identify these families the Anganwadi workers were consulted because they knew about the families' background well enough. Four questionnaires were administered to all the families identified.

The Subjective Well Being Inventory was administered by the research team worker by going to the women individually and in one sitting itself. The women in most of the cases were illiterate so the research team workers read out the questions and noted the response. In some questions an explanation was also needed, so an effort was made to explain the question without distorting the meaning itself but in a simpler language. The children of families identified were administered the Index of Cognitive Development performance test and then nutritional status assured. This was done at the Anganwadi Centre because of physical and environmental difficulties faced at their homes. As the weight and height had to be taken, a proper place and levelled surface was required, so the centre was the best place and since the workers maintained a regular height and weight chart for all children, they helped in this work. For Index of Cognitive development the children were called at the centre. It was difficult to

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