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9. Maddey Ganj (Uttar)  
10. Chillawan Control rural area (Sarojini Nagar)
11. Behsa (Purab)  
12. Behsa (Paschim)  

2. Training of the Anganwadi Workers (AW's)

Discussions were held with the AW's. They were asked about the nature of duties they perform and the type of difficulties they usually come across in their job. Besides, explorations were made about the theoretical and practical knowledge and the skills acquired by them under various
ICDS training programmes. Visits were also made to the HRC positive (at risk) families of the two study areas alongwith the AW's and some observations were made about their knowledge and skills in relation to our intervention programme. On the basis of the above a training manual was prepared. Ten illustrative case vignettes were given in this manual to help the AW's understand the process of family interventions. All the six AW's of experimental group were previously trained in using Home Risk Card. They were now trained in making family interventions with the help of the training manual. The remaining group of six AWs (Control areas) were trained by the research team using only Home Risk Card. During the training of the AW's for intervention programme, open discussions about the practical aspects of family interventions were held and role playing techniques were also used. They were told about the reasons for integrating family interventions with ICDS programme. The AW's were provided with the copies of HRC manual, family interventions manual and also two lists showing different risk factors and resources in a tabular form. During the month of February (3rd and 5th) this year, refresher courses for the AW's of experimental group were also conducted. All the AW'S actively participated in this course.

C. Delhi Centre

The first step in our intervention phase was establishing rapport with ICDS and other NGO's which were working in the field. After a deep thought and as decided during the meeting of investigators and consultants held at ICMR HQs, it was decided that Anganwadi workers would be the best people who could help us to carry out the intervention phase.

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