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Another common feature observed was that these people are very much influenced by the community leader of the area. The community leaders were usually the elderly men in the family. The second source of influence on these people was the Anganwadi workers of the area. Because of the material benefits and the guidance provided by the Anganwadi workers for various health services, there was a very close rapport between the A.W.W. aIld the residents of the area. And thus these were the people who could be collaborated to bring about any change or implement any programme in the area.

Characteristic features of target population

The basic features of the residents of this area are that majority of the population belonging to lower socio -economic strata, the literacy rate is very low, especially female literacy is much below the desired level. There is a very high rate of school drop outs due to pressure of livelihood earning for the family. The usual age of school drop out is 10-13 years. Once out of school these children take up major jobs like factory workers, helpers in local factories etc. Those who live in the rural area of Ladoo Sarai and have parents working on some farms join their parents. The girls of rural area do not usually go to school or fields to work, they are left at home to look after the cattle if any, at home. The men usually are involved in agricultural activities in the nearby fields.

The slum dwellers are relatively much poor compared to the rural dwellers. They are daily wage earners involved in work like rajmajduri, construction site workers, vegetable vendors, kabadiwalas, iron cast workers (a tribal group staying in this area).

The characteristic features and the problems faced by the slum dwellers are quite different compared to rural dwellers. The most prevalent problems in the area are drug addiction, alcoholism, lack of family planning methods, very poor sanitation in the area, no schools for the children. Marital problems also are a very common feature of slum areas, Unhygienic living condition, no knowledge or very little knowledge regarding immunization of children and high prevalence of disease among the community was noticed.

The people living here belong to different religions. Majority of the population is migratory and people here have come from areas like Bihar, Bulendsher, Uttar Pradesh. There are a large number of Muslims in the area too. The literacy rate here too is very low and belong to very low socio economic status.


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