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Outline of Steps in Family Intervention

Step I: Identification of Risk Factors

With the help of HRC / other family factors:


  1. In environment-Poor condition of the family
    Unclean house and neighbourhood

  2. In family
    Alcoholism, violence, mental symptoms

  3. In children
    Assessment of problem behaviours of children like aggression, shyness, delayed milestones.

Step II: Identification of Resources

  • In family-any responsible, understanding family member.

  • In environment -Govtl. & Non Govtl. agencies, Anganwadi, PHCs, Developmental programmes and so on.

  • Any other - Care given by relative, neighbour or friend.

Step III: Selection of Entry Point

  • As a part of the tasks already being done by the worker eg. health education, nutrition program etc.

  • Tasks should be perceived as needed by the family

  • Tasks should be acceptable to the family

Step IV: Developing Plan of Intervention

  • List series of tasks to be jointly performed by the family and the worker.

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