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  1. Adequate resources for basic needs.

  2. Father's mother staying with the family.

  3. Father's concern about his wife and family.

Entry Point: The major concern being the illness of the mother, the worker can ensure treatment for the illness. This brings about little hope in the family.

Intervention Plan

In this family, the mother has a psychiatric problem, for which she may need expert advice and care. The worker should encourage the mother to see a doctor and help in follow-up and drug compliance. The other family members should be explained that the mother's behaviour is not deliberate and that she has some psychiatric problem. Since the grandmother is at home, she should be encouraged to help in child care. Her efforts in this regard should be appreciated. The father should be explained about his increased responsibility. The worker may help to plan his routine and may extend emotional support.

If may be necessary to make use of the resources outside the family like neighbours, relatives and friends for child care since the grandmother is very old.

A family with a mentally ill patient will need special attention and care. The worker might be able to help the children by giving extra time, involving them in play and encouraging them to interact with other kids. Any stigma in the community that exists because of the mental illness should also be dealt with by education and information.


  1. Improvement in mother's condition.

  2. Birth control measures adopted.

  3. Better coping/more confidence in the father.

  4. Better father-children relationship.

  5. Good routine and stimulation for children.

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