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If may be necessary to negotiate with the husband to make slight changes to help his wife. The couple may be encouraged to appreciate each others' positive aspects and also communicate their needs to each other eg. the wife may want the husband to spend more time at home, while the husband may want her to be more organized at house work or decrease her nagging.

Outcomes: A family with 7 children displays adject poverty. But the house is quite organized and the children look quite healthy and clean. Mother is aged 49 years. All the children are attending school except last one who goes to Anganawadi centre. Mother is a housemaid and cannot take very good care of her children. Father though helps economically to a certain extent, is passive. The mother feels overburdened and gets upset easily. She shouts at her husband, children, is irritable most of the time. But despite all this she sees that her children attend school regularly. She feels that she has too many children and too much work because of which she cannot look after the children and house properly.

Risk Factors

  1. Abject poverty

  2. Overcrowding, lack of spacing and birth control.

  3. Passive Father


  1. Children are attending school/good health and cleanliness in them.

  2. Organized home.

  3. Mother supplementing income.

  4. Coping potential of the mother.

  5. Mother's concern about the children.

Entry Point: To show the mother how much she is already doing for her children and home despite all her difficulties. She must be appreciated for this. Using her concern for children as an entry point, you may further look into the other problems. She has enough justification for getting upset and irritable with so many problems. But she can be demonstrated how it might adversely affected the development of her children.

Intervention Plan: In this family, the mother has a relatively high degree of irritability. To reduce this, her routine may be enquired into, in detail. The worker, may help her to plan her routine properly so that she will not

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