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school. She hopes to make them study well and come up in life. the husband drinks and quarrels with the mother he does not support the family. The mother is ignorant about children's needs for healthy development, though she cares for them very much despite being overburdened with work.

Risk Factors

  1. Abject poverty

  2. Over crowding

  3. Disorganized home

  4. Marital discord

  5. Neurotic trait in the child


  1. Children are immunized.

  2. Mother provides financial support

  3. Mother's caring attitude/ambition for a good future for children.

Entry point: The mother was asked about her overburdening and was appreciated for managing it and at the same time caring for the children. With her caring attitude she may be naturally concerned about her child's bedwetting habit, and academic success of her children.

Intervention Plan: In this family the mother seems to be a very resourceful person. In spite of having more children, she is giving adequate care and supplements the family income. This may be appreciated by the worker. This will motivate her to learn more about need for a healthy psychosocial development of children. She may be gradually taught about these and made to learn through guarded tasks.

Simple toilet training techniques may be taught to her to control the bedwetting habit in the child.

She can also be explained about budgeting which will help her use the resources better.

The worker may gradually help her to become more organized and systematic in house work.

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