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be leading to drinking eg. Wife's nagging, inability to cope with stress or the influence of friends.

Outcome: Mother being motivated, started giving better care and stimulation for children. They were kept clean and the house was also kept better. Further she would agree for birth control. The father has not stopped his drinking habit, but he says that he is trying to reduce it. He spends some time with the children.

Case 3: The family has five children in the age range of 10 years to 1  years. The mother is pregnant again. They have not followed birth control. Both of them work as casual labourers. Father is alcoholic. He had an attack of TB two years ago. He was advised against taking alcohol. He had stopped momentarily but has started drinking again. Children are healthy and immunized. Elder child goes to school and young ones attend the Anganwadi. There is abject poverty. The mother feels overburdened with work. The parents have frequent quarrels and the mother is not happy with marriage. She has been wanting to leave the husband but has not done so for the sake of society and children.

Risk Factors

  1. Abject poverty

  2. Severe marital discord

  3. Over burdened mother

  4. Alchoholic father

  5. Over crowding in the family


  1. Regular attendance to Anganwadi Centre

  2. Elder children attending school

  3. Parents motivated

  4. Good health/lmmunization for children

Entry Point: Mother was talked to about her over burdening. She was appreciated for getting her children immunized and was told that her children look quite healthy. Her problems were discussed in detail and the worker empathized with her. This further motivated her to discuss her other problems.

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