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52. In a patient with pain in the eyes, a dangerous sign accompanying it is
(a) redness
(b) loss of pupillary reaction
(c) Greyish white opacity in the pupillary area
(d) aphakia
53. In a known diabetic, frequent fundus examination helps in detection and early intervention of the complication
(a) vitreous opacity
(b) cataract and secondary glaucoma
(c) Retinopathy and haemorrhage
(d) None of the above
54. A crucial test to detect glaucoma is
(a) the Snellen's chart
(b) the Ishihara chart
(c) the digital tonometry
(d) none of the above
55. Watering from the eyes is a sign of
(a) acute catarrhal conjunctivitis
(b) glaucoma
(c) chronic dacryocystitis
(d) cataract
(e) all of the above
(f) a, b & c
(g) b, c & d
56. Deafness in the aged is due to
(a) acoustic neuroma
(b) otosclerosis
(c) chronic septic otitis media (CSOM)
(d) degeneration of tympanic membrane
57. A deaf person who talks in a low voice often suffers from
(a) conductive deafness
(b) sensory deafness
(c) cortical deafness
(d) none of the above
58. A hearing defect often is an associated factor in the cases of
(a) Dementia
(b) Paraphrenia
(c) Mania
(d) Depression
59. Octoscopy is an essential part of ENT examination in a PHC
True/ False
60. Hearing aids are 'musts' for the elderly patients
True/ False
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