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35. Treatment of hypertension should be taken up only in case of
(a) systolic hypertension
(b) diastolic hypertension
(c) systolic and diastolic hypertension
(d) hypertension with complications
36. Main complication in treatment of hypertension is
(a) Depression
(b) Utricaria
(c) Liver damage
(d) None of the above
37. In angina pectoris, characteristic chest pain is
(a) Severe, substernal, sqeezing
(b) brought on even during rest
(c) associated with vomiting
(d) associated with low back ache
38. On examination of a patient with IHD during an attack, he has
(a) bradycardia and hypotension
(b) tachycardia and hypertension
(c) tachycardia and hypotension
(d) a bounding pulse and wide pulse pressure
39. Patients with aortic incompetence often have chest pain due to
(a) functional overlay
(b) coronary osteal stenosis
(c) aortitis
(d) infectious bacterial endocarditis
40. Presbicardia is a disease characterised by
(a) senile cardiac degeneration
(b) typical ECG changes
(c) a manifestation following myocardial infarction
(d) lack of relationship with ageing
41. In a patient presenting with cerebrovascular disorder, past history often reveals
(a) Tuberculosis
(b) Hypertension
(c) Myxoedema
(d) Hansen's disease
42. Commonly associated psychiatric syndrome in cases with cerebrovascular disease is
(a) hysteria
(b) manic depressive psychosis
(c) Dementia
(d) Paraphrenia
43. In an elderly subject with cerebrovascular disease, assessment of
(a) Mental functions is very important
(b) cerebellar functions is very important
(c) peripheral nerve conduction is very important
(d) both b & c
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