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17. Alzheimer's dementia is due to
(a) primary degeneration
(b) atherosclerotic changes in brain
(c) thrombosis and micro embolism
(d) Anoxic encephalopathy
18. In multi infarct dementia, the impairment follows
(a) slow gradual progressive pattern
(b) a stepwise pattern
(c) a cyclic pattern
(d) a steady increase
19. The treatable dementias are
(a) Alzheimer's dementia
(b) Multi infarct dementias as
(c) GPI, Normal pressure hydrocephalus, ch. subdural hematoma etc.
(d) None of the above
20. An organic brain syndrome can be suspected if
(a) jaw jerk is present
(b) there is extensor planter reflex
(c) there is incontinence of bowel and bladder
(d) all of the above
21. A patient suffering from paraphrenia should be
(a) treated as psychiatric emergency
(b) thoroughly investigated for cerebral tumour
(c) admitted in a psychiatric ward
(d) managed at P.H.C. itself
22. Paraphrenia is characterised by
(a) hallucinations and delusions
(b) depressed mood and suicidal ideas
(c) memory deficits
(d) all of the above
23. The main treatment of paraphrenia is
(a) electroconvulsive therapy
(b) Individual psychotherapy
(c) drug treatment with anti-depressants
(d) Neuroleptics
24. Paraphrenics often have associated
(a) coronary heart disease
(b) hearing defect
(c) Myxoedema
(d) None of the above
25. In an elderly person with persecutory ideas, the most common illness could be
(a) Anxiety neurosis
(b) General paresis of the insane
(c) Epilepsy
(d) None of the above
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