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8. Lithium is used in
(a) treatment of anxiety neurosis
(b) prophylaxis as well as therapeutic treatment in bipolar affective illnesses
(c) all psychotic conditions
(d) organic brain syndromes
9. Masked depression is a condition in which
(a) there is no depression at all
(b) patient hides his illness
(c) depressive mood occurs secondary to physical complaints
(d) patient is happy
10. Normally in old age, there is impairment of mental functioning due to
(a) Minimal cognitive defects
(b) Affective deterioration
(c) Coronary insufficiency
(d) None of the above
11. Organic brain syndromes are psychiatric conditions that occur
(a) secondary to physical illness
(b) due to ingestion of organic poison
(c) due to psychosocial stresses
(d) all of the above
12. The main features of Acute organic brain syndrome include
(a) Disorientation, memory impairment and visual hallucinations
(b) Delusions, Affective blunting and psychomotor disturbances
(c) Elation and excitement
(d) Hallucinations and delusions in clear consciousness
13. Acute organic brain syndrome is treated
(a) with psychotherapy
(b) with electro convulsive therapy
(c) by controlling the primary physical illness
(d) with psychotrophic drugs
14. The elderly person is
(a) less prone to acute OBS
(b) resistant to acute OBS
(c) prone to develop acute OBS even with minor physical ailments
(d) easily susceptible to acute OBS
15. The essential features of dementia include
(a) transient loss of cognitive function
(b) global deterioration in mental functioning
(c) hallucinations and delusions
(d) all of the above
16. Dementia is characterized by
(a) clouding of consciousness and disorientation
(b) disorientation in the absence of clouding of consciousness
(c) clouding of consciousness in the absence of disorientation
(d) clear consciousness and orientation
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