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and separate examination (N = 205, 54.1%); a patient hearing and listening to their health problems (N =80, 21.1 %) and specific health education (N = 25, 6.6%).

Sixteen subjects expressed lack of satisfaction over the services and due to varying reasons like inadequate attention and care (31.3%), personnel being not helpful (12.5%) and inadequacy of drugs (43.8%). Ten subjects among these 16 felt their health problems were not solved, while 2 others stated that the clinic was not easily accessible.

Medical Intervention

The measures of medical intervention extended to the subjects are offered in Table 15 :

Table 15
Medical Intervention

Intervention Number %

Drug therapy 392 99.2
Referral to specialists in GRH for Physical consultation 228 57.7
Referral to specialists in GRH for Psychiatric consultation 21 5.3
Referral for inpatient admission in GRH 9 2.3
Psychotherapy 21 5.3
Health Education 356 90.1

Satisfaction with medical intervention

Three hundred and eighty-two subjects (96.7%) expressed full satisfaction with the medical intervention while only a meagre 13 (3.3%) were unhappy. The reasons offered by those who were satisfied included referral to specialists for more attention to the health problems (47.9%), health problems having been solved completely (66.8%), prompt followup action (9.9%) and doctors being very helpful and co- operative (25.7%). The reasons from those who were not satisfied with the medical intervention were health problems not having resolved completely (N = 12), no followup action or referral (N = 4), Doctors not helpful (N = 1) and inadequate availability of drugs (N = 4).

Health Education

Three hundred and fifty-six subjects (90.1%) stated that health education was imparted to them while 39 denied having received it. 84.3% among those who had received health education were able to follow the advice, while 15.7% (56) could not.

Suggested improvements in health care delivery

All the 843 surveyed were asked to suggest measures to improve the health care delivery and they suggested as follows : ( Table 16)

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