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During the period of study, 2 sub-sample surveys were carried out. The first, covering around 10% of the population of persons aged 60 + in the PHC area was aimed to assess the coverage of elderly subjects in the catchment area, the services rendered by MPHWs, an assessment of utilisation of the existing health services (PHC and Sub-centres in particular). The subjective assessment of the e1derlies in respect of improvement and satisfaction from intervention and the expectations over rehabilitation measures were also elicited. A questionnaire (12 questions) was utilised to elicit these data (Appendix VII).

Sampling procedure

One village from each of the 17 sub-centres was drawn at random to constitute the sample. The project social workers enumerated all the persons aged 60 + in the chosen villages. Six hundred and three subjects formed the sample. The sub-sample survey was completed in two months (From September 1, 1985 to October 31, 1985). The results of the survey, in brief, are given below :


Utilisation of Health Services

The various sources of health services and their utilisation pattern are offered in Table 9.

Table 9

  N %

Total number utilising the existing health services 510 84.6
(a) PHC 134 22.2
(b) Sub-centre 68 11.3
(c) Others (Hospital, Private practice etc.) 308 51.1
Total number not utilising the health services 93 15.4
(a) Using Indigenous methods 68 11.3
(b) Not ill 22 3.6
(c) Others 3 0.5

The reasons for not utilising the PHC/ Sub-centre as disclosed by the subjects (N = 401) are offered in Table 10.

Table 10

  Reasons N %

1.  Utilising other health services (e.g. Hospital, Private practice etc.) 308 76.8
2. Inadequate drugs at PHCs 286 71.3
3. More faith in indigenous medicine 68 17.1
4. Conveyance problems to reach them 36 9
5. Long distance 30 7.5
6. Doctors not available 15 3.7
7. Fear of injection 7 1.7
8. Economic reasons 3 0.7
9. Non-ambulatory status 5 1.2
10.  Lack of family care 1 0.2
Twenty-two subjects did not have any illness to warrant a visit to PHC/Sub-centre.

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