arrow Health Care of the Rural Aged Books

Extension Educator in the PHC, who periodically projects slides in the community to impart public health education on Family Planning, Maternal and child health. The slides for Geriatric health education were also prepared and projected along with the other slides. The services of the Department of Public Health (Health Education), Govt. of Tamil Nadu, were also utilised.

Health education is directed towards teaching the elderly to lead an improved quality life. The changes due to ageing are explained and the aged are encouraged not to view these changes as signs of ill-health (e.g. slowed activities, change in sleep pattern, poor digestion, bowel habits, etc.), 'Old age is not a disease'.

The psychological, family and social life of the elderly undergo changes that call for readjustment. The nature of these changes and measures to overcome them are explained through charts (e.g. 'Social isolation is deleterious to mental health; it can be overcome by improving social interaction'). These measures are intended to improve the physical and mental health of the elderly.

Towards prevention of illness and also the disabilities from illness, the elderly are taught to recognise early the ominous signs of major illnesses; Cancer, Hypertension, Tuberculosis, Diabetes etc., and encouraged to take early steps. Early help seeking behaviour as a preventive step was emphasised. Cancer education formed an important part of the programme. Posters carrying the message of preventing diseases by abstaining from certain behaviours like smoking, chewing betal and tobacco and alcohol drinks were displayed. The charts on the nutritional needs and need for physical exercise in the aged were also displayed.

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