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IV. Economic intervention  
1. What are the economic intervention measures that exist in the community for the elderly?
Old age pension (OAP) 1
Noon meal scheme (NMS) 2
Free paddy 3
Clothes during festival times (Twice a year) 4
None 0
2. (a) Are you eligible for OAP and NMS?
Yes 1
No 2
(b) If yes, are you getting it?
Yes 1
No 0
3. Are you satisfied with these measures?
Yes 1
No 0
If yes, reason  
It is sufficient for living 1
It makes me independent 2
It raises the hope of good living 3
Others (specify)  
If no, reason  
It is not made available to all elderly 1
It is not sufficient 2
Others (specify)  
4. What other things do you think can be extended to the elderly in the community as economic intervention?
Eligibility criteria for receiving OAP be modified based on socio-economic status 1
Steps for making the elderly aware of the scheme 2
More money and paddy to be provided 3
Others (specify)  
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