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III. Family / Social intervention  
1. What intervention measures are carried out in the geriatric clinic to enhance your family/ social integration?
Patient hearing to family/ social problems 1
Consoling talk explaining the problems of ageing 2
Counselling 3
Motivating elderly to indulge in various social activities (like visiting temples, hearing religious discourses, etc.) not to keep themselves idle 4
Admission of deserted elderly into Old Age Homes 5
Arranging recreational activities for the elderly (visits to cinema theatres) 6
Others (specify)  
2. Are you satisfied with these intervention measures?
Yes 1
No 0
If yes, reasons  
Patient hearing to family/ social problem 1
Counselling 2
Organising recreational activities 3
Organising social activities 4
Admission to Old Age Home 5
If no, reasons  
Nothing done to me in specific 1
Family problem not solved 2
Could not get me admitted into an Old Age Home 3
3. What other things do you think that could be done by way of social intervention in the geriatric clinic?
Organisation of recreational activities 1
Arranging for religious discourses by eminent persons 2
Starting of Old Age Home 3
Others (specify)  
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