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5. How frequently do you utilise the PHC/ Sub-Centre/ other services?
Key PHC Sub-Centre Others
1. Often (at least once a week)  
2. Occasionally (once a month)  
3. Whenever ill (self explanatory)  
4. Not utilizing at all  
6. How often the MPHWs visit you :
1. Once a fortnight  
2. Once a month  
3. Occasionally  
4. Do not visit at all  
7. Are you aware of a special clinic functioning for your benefits
1. Yes  
2. No  
8. What are the health services/others rendered by the MPHW? (put a tick mark)
1. Dispensing drugs at door step  
2. Taking persons to the PHC/Sub-Centre  
3. Arranging Project Research Officer to visit the household
4. Family counselling  
5. Helping in obtaining any economic help  
6. Health education  
7. Others (specify)  
8. None  
9. Do you feel benefited by these services rendered by the MPHW?
1. Yes  
2. No  
10. Is your PHC having adequate treatment facilities?
1. Yes  
2. No  
11. Are you satisfied with the treatment for your ailments at PHC/Sub-Centre?
1. Yes  
2. No  
If no, specify reasons (put a tick mark)  
1. Inadequate drugs  
2. Inadequate injections  
3. No improvement in health condition after treatment
4. Inadequate attention and care  
5. Others (specify)  
12. What other facility do you expect?
- in general, from the government, the PHC or the Project.
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