Procedure for Extramural Programme of ICMR


Procedure for Extramural Programme of ICMR

In order to bring efficiency and transparency in proceeding of Extramural Research Projects and to save time and efforts of the investigators, the Council has decided to adopt online and two stages processing of extramural projects.

The revised procedure is as follows:

  1. Registration:
    In order to submit proposals to ICMR PI’s has to first register into the system. To register into the system click on the ‘Register Now’ link on the home page.

    Fill in the necessary details – all fields marked by red*are compulsory.
    The ‘user-id’ and ‘password’ provided by the PI’s in the registration form is to be used by PI’s every time to login into the system.

    While filling in the educational details and research experience details, click on the“+-” buttons on the respective heading rows to add more/delete any details. The uploaded resume should be ONLY 1 page long and in PDF format ONLY. The system will not allow adding a resume longer than 1 page.

    The resume should contain information on the recent publications for the last 5 years, with full ‘Bibliographical Details’. These should not include papers in press. In the resume PI’s should also indicate the following:

    Financial support received:

    1. From ICMR : Past Present Pending

    2. From other sources: Past Present Pending

  2. Initially the investigators are required to submit a concept proposal only, not exceeding 3-5 pages. This concept proposal describes the justification and objectives of the study, novelty, applicability & expected outcomes, benefits, proposed methodology, duration of the project and tentative budget. The investigators may look into the thrust areas of research of the Council, identified by ICMR based on national needs, available on the ICMR website, while preparing the concept proposal.

  3. After receiving the concept proposal, a unique project identification number (ID No.) is generated automatically by the system and an acknowledgment would be automatically generated & sent through Email. All future correspondence and sanctions should invariably quote this number. No future enquiry/correspondence would be entertained by ICMR without this number.

  4. The concept proposals received are evaluated by the Council and decision is communicated to investigators for both selected (shortlisted) and non-selected proposals by email sent through the system.

  5. The Principal investigators (Pls) of the shortlisted concept proposals are asked to expand their proposal into detailed project in the format of the ICMR ad-hoc projects within a period of one month (except in the case of call for proposal where specific time is given) and submit to the Council online. 

  6. The detailed project will be also evaluated by the Council within a fixed time and decision would be communicated to investigators online.
    Date of effectiveness of the revised procedure:
    The revised procedure is effective since January 1, 2012
    Link for the online submission 
    Contact Address:
    Dr. Chanchal Goyal
    Scientist D
    P&I Division & Coordinator Online Processing &
    Management System of ICMR Extramural Projects
    Indian Council of Medical Research
    Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110 029
    Phone: 011-26588590


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